Skating Director:

Heather Coogan


Our Learn-to-Skate instructors are highly trained and experienced in teaching all levels of skaters using the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program and Hockey Initiation Program.  Participation in the program will enable skaters of all ages and abilities to learn the fundamentals of ice skating and hockey.  The curriculum is designed to be FUN, challenging, and rewarding for everyone!

Kevin CooganKevin Coogan
Erin DuFore
Eric Eastman
Jacqueline CaeferJacqueline Caefer
Becca Andersendownsize
Casey ColeCasey Cole
Adri Grinder
Sage McFarlandSage McFarland
Toby EvettToby Evett
Larisa Ducharmelarisa
Justin Curran
Sarah JangroSarah Jangro
Brittany WorcesterBrittany Worcester
Grace LeightheiserGrace Leightheiser
Kristine Tripani20151115_125639
Meghan O’NeilMeghan O'Neil

Rutie Mackenzie-Margulies



Assistant Coaches:

Julia Grossman
Tori Randall
Jasmine Wright
Riley McDonald
Leah WolkLeah Wolk
Silvia WolkSilvia Wolk
Samantha Leone
Finna JacobsonFinna Jacobson

Jasmine Wright Lilia Zhu Susannah Johnson

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